Šiaulių miesto parama naujam verslui

The city of Šiauliai, located in Lithuania, has taken significant steps to support the establishment and growth of new businesses within its jurisdiction. With a strong focus on economic development and entrepreneurship, the city government has implemented various initiatives to create a favorable environment for startups and small enterprises.

Firstly, Šiauliai has established business incubators and innovation centers that provide valuable resources and support for new ventures. These facilities offer affordable office spaces, access to modern infrastructure, and networking opportunities, enabling entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and build their businesses in a collaborative environment.

Additionally, the city has implemented favorable tax policies and financial incentives to encourage the establishment of new businesses. This includes reduced corporate taxes and simplified administrative procedures, making it easier and more cost-effective for entrepreneurs to launch their ventures. Moreover, Šiauliai has partnered with local financial institutions to provide financial assistance and favorable loan options for startups, helping them secure the necessary capital to get started.

Šiauliai also actively promotes entrepreneurship through educational programs and training initiatives. The city organizes workshops, seminars, and networking events where aspiring entrepreneurs can acquire knowledge, skills, and guidance from experienced mentors and industry experts. This commitment to fostering entrepreneurial talent contributes to the overall business ecosystem in the city.

Furthermore, Šiauliai has established strong connections with national and international business networks. This enables new businesses in the city to access broader markets, seek partnerships, and benefit from global trends and opportunities.

Overall, the city of Šiauliai demonstrates its dedication to supporting new businesses through a comprehensive range of initiatives. providing infrastructure, financial support, educational resources, and networking platforms, the city creates an enabling environment for entrepreneurs to thrive and contribute to the local economy.